About Pure Start

For over 40 years Dr. Meltzer has been using the fat-burning, energy-enriching, life-giving benefits of Pure Start Cleanse to help his patients achieve their wellness goals.

So how do you know if a Pure Start-a fresh start in mind and body-is right for you? Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions…

  • Does your body easily and effortlessly burn through body fat? Or are you currently holding on to unwanted weight?
  • Do you feel well-rested, refreshed, and energized all day long? Or are you sometimes stuck feeling tired and stressed?
  • Do you always feel in control of your cravings and eating habits? Or do you sometimes feel like your cravings and eating habits are in control of you?

The truth is, as our lifestyles have become more and more fast-paced and high-tech, it’s become easier and easier for our eating, exercise, and living habits to get thrown off track. Unfortunately, the end result is usually unwanted weight, unwanted fatigue, and unwanted stress. So what does it mean when your body is holding on to excess weight? Or you find yourself feeling tired and stressed? Or you feel like your cravings are acting up and your eating habits are starting to slip?

The good news is it’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s just your body telling you that you need to reset. You need to reboot. You need to give it a kick-start to get back on track. And that’s exactly what Pure Start Cleanse is designed to do.

By purifying your body of harmful toxins and re-energizing your body with a balanced combination of fresh, whole, life-giving foods, Pure Start Cleanse initiates a self-restorative process in the body that:

  • Purifies your body of harmful toxins;
  • Restores the fat-burning functions of your metabolism;
  • Revitalizes the energy-enriching functions of your nerves, master glands, and hormones;
  • Rejuvenates the stress-fighting functions of your immune system;
  • Brings your body chemistry back into balance, eliminating imbalances that often trigger food cravings.

img2In other words, it gives your body the kicks-start it needs to burn more fat, have more energy, feel less stressed, and let go of unhealthy food cravings.

And unlike other cleansing programs, which often leave you feeling hungry, tired, and depleted, Pure Start isn’t about having the willpower or self-discipline to starve yourself for days on end.

Instead, Pure Start Cleanse provides a balanced combination of whole foods, cleansing smoothies, and super-nutrients that balance your blood sugar, balance your energy, balance your appetite, and enable you to get the cleansing results you’re looking for without feeling hungry or tired.

So that’s what Pure Start Cleanse is all about! When you add it all together you get a more balanced and more effective cleanse that is also simpler, more practical, and easier to follow.

What can Pure Start do for you? Hear from some of our clients!

Alison M.

My goals was to lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks for my wedding. By the date of my wedding I was down 25.6 pounds.

I really enjoyed the results of the cleanse and I will continue to go back to it a couple of times a year.

I think it’s a great way to get your body back on track.

Lindsey S.

My favorite part of the cleanse was the sense of accomplishment it gave me.

I lost 5 pounds, I got past all of my cravings, and I feel great!

Pure Start was easier for me than other cleanses because I didn’t feel like I was starving myself. I could still eat and it made me feel so healthy!

Beverly F.

Once I got going on the cleanse I realized it was an amazing amount of food. It was so satisfying. It was nice not feeling hungry or famished.

I felt light, I felt energized, and I lost some inches around my waist. I loved that part—a lot of energy and feeling light. My stomach is much flatter now and I’m excited to continue to eat like this on a regular basis as often as I can.

It was excellent. It wasn’t difficult, I wasn’t starving, and it was very effective.