Lose 5, Feed 5000 Challenge

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This week we launched a unique challenge to help jump-start your weight-loss efforts in the New Year, and at the same time feed 5000 children and families in need.

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So how exactly does it work?

As part of the challenge, you’re going to learn how to lose 3-5 pounds in the next 5 days by eating a very specific combination of fresh, whole foods every 2.5 hours.

Not only is this combination of cleansing foods the secret to purifying your body, accelerating your metabolism, and quickly letting go of unwanted weight, but it comes with an added benefit.

It allows you to achieve these results without feeling hungry, without feeling tired, without feeling deprived of your favorite whole foods, and without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive juices or supplements.

And, for everyone that accepts the challenge, we will fund 15 healthy meals for children and families in need, through the School Pantry Program at Feeding America San Diego.  Our goal is to get enough participants to fund 5000 meals.

So are you in?

Then sign up below to get started!

Click Here to Sign-Up for the Lose 5, Feed 5000 Challenge


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