Seasonal Cleanse Guide – When & How Often to Cleanse for Best Results

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seasonal cleanse guide

One of the finer details of the cleansing process is knowing when to cleanse your body and how often to cleanse your body for best results. Believe it or not, there is a rhyme and reason to both the timing and the frequency of your cleanse. Let’s review three basic rules that will help put this in perspective.

Rule #1 – Cleanse Your Body When you Need a Kick-Start to Get Back on Track

As our lifestyles have become more and more fast-paced and high-tech, it’s become easier and easier for our eating, exercise, and living habits to get thrown off track. Unfortunately, the end result is usually unwanted weight, unwanted fatigue, and unwanted stress. So what does it mean when your body is holding on to excess weight? Or you find yourself feeling tired and stressed? Or you feel like your cravings are acting up and your eating habits are starting to slip?

The important thing to keep in mind is it’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s just your body telling you that it’s time to re-set. It’s time to re-boot. It’s time to give your body a kick-start to get back on track. And that’s exactly what an effective cleanse will help you do.

By purifying and re-energizing your body with the right combination of cleansing foods, as outlined in How to Cleanse Your Body to Lose Weight & Boost Your Energy, you can give your body the kick-start it needs to burn more have, have more energy, and let go of unhealthy food cravings.

So that’s Rule #1. First and foremost, it’s a good idea to cleanse your body when you need to make a shift to get your eating habits, your weight, and your health back on track.

Rule #2 – Cleanse Your Body Every 3 Months to Stay Up to Date

As we discussed in the 3 Common Toxins that Get in Your Body that Need to Be Cleansed, every day there are toxins that build up in our body from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the stress we experience. Over time, these nutritional, environmental, and emotional toxins can cause havoc with our metabolism and immune system and lead to weight gain, fatigue, and accelerated aging.

With that in mind, after your initial cleanse to get your body back on track, it’s best to stay on a regular schedule and cleanse your body once every three months. This allows your cells, tissues, bloodstream, organs, and bodily fluids to eliminate any toxins or impurities before they can accumulate to dangerous levels.

So that’s Rule #2. After your initial cleanse to kick-start your metabolism and get your body chemistry back in balance, it’s best to cleanse once every three months to keep your body clean, pure, fresh, and alive—all the way down to a cellular level.

Rule #3 – Keep Your Body in Balance with a Seasonal Cleanse

For best results, not only do I encourage that you cleanse once every three months, but I recommend that you try to align your ongoing cleanses with the change in the seasons. I like to call this a Seasonal Cleanse. Why is that? Because it enables you to get in rhythm with yourself, your environment, and the cycles of nature—all before the change of the season.

What most people don’t realize is as we shift from one season to the next, our bodies are more susceptible to getting thrown off balance. Our immune function can dip. Our energy can lag. Our eating habits can veer off track.  And our metabolism, our weight, and our overall health can suffer.

Think about it. Have you ever noticed how many people come down with a virus at the very time there is a change in the season? That is where the term “under the weather” originates. Fortunately, when you honor the timing of your Seasonal Cleanse, you can stay in balance and maintain your well-being while others are being thrown off course.

Keep in mind, nature is always changing and so are you. Your March cleanse prepares you for Spring; your June cleanse gets you ready for Summer; your September cleanse gets you in rhythm with Fall; and your December cleanse strengthens your immune system and wards off the impending holiday flu.

Therefore, after you finish your initial cleanse, it’s best to do a Seasonal Cleanse every three months, right before the change of seasons. In the following table you’ll find the target dates to shoot for to get in sync with seasonal cleansing. Keep in mind, it’s best to begin ten days before each seasonal change, so you can finish your cleanse in time for the equinox or solstice.

seasonal cleanse chart

Interested in learning more about the cleansing process?  Feel free to check out our Resources Page on How to Cleanse Your Body or download a copy of our Free Cleanse Kick-Start guide in the form below.


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